6 French-Canadian Restaurants for Date-Night in Canada

6 French Canadian Restaurants for Date Night in Canada - 6 French-Canadian Restaurants for Date-Night in Canada

Finding the perfect spot for a date night can be quite a headache.Although nowadays there are tons of places, not everything is great. However, French cuisine is the go-to choice for those looking for romance in their dates.

There are several perfect French-Canadian restaurants we can recommend form the top of our heads.

Le St-Urbain Restaurant

If you are looking for an exclusive experience, Le St-Urbain is the place you should be trying to book, as it’s always packed and only offers 50 seats. This is the baby of chef geniuses Marc-André Royal and Chef Lindsay McLaren and they take their craft seriously.

You will find only the highest quality ingredients and a vast wine selection.

6 French Canadian Restaurants for Date Night in Canada Le St Urbain Restaurant - 6 French-Canadian Restaurants for Date-Night in Canada

Hoogan et Beaufort Restaurant

The Hoogan et Beaufort will make you feel right at home with top-of-the-line Québécois cuisine in a cozy environment. The general vibe of the place will help you relax while you enjoy their delicacies in a country type set up.

Their menu changes according to the seasons to provide only the freshest ingredients from local markets.

The Montréal Plaza Restaurant and lounge

When looking for classic Québécois cuisine the Montréal Plaza is the place you should aim to go. Their facilities are the definition of class, although it’s also approachable and home-like.

These fellows are known for elevating classic concepts into new levels; therefore, you should walk in there open-minded and with an empty belly.

Le Diplomate Restaurant & Bar

Prepare for a huge set of explosions in your mouth if you are planning to visitLe Diplomate. Experimenting is what they do on their day-to-day, therefore, be prepared to have your mind blown with the most exquisite land and sea dishes.

This concept comes from the hectic and eccentric mind of Chef-artist Aaron Langille.

Caribou Gourmand Restaurant

There is some magical feeling about eating game meat and being in a lodge situated miles away from civilization. However, this is a restaurant in the middle of the city which manages to evoke those feelings rather accurately, while offering a gourmet experience.

It could be defined as hunting lodge gourmet meals for lovers.

La Binerie Restaurant

This place doesn’t care so much about being fancy and high-end gourmet because their focus is on being soul-food providers. When looking for that just-like-home kind of feeling, La Binerie delivers exactly that with tastiest dishes on Québécois home cuisine.

You will be able to eat classic breakfast, lunches, and dinners here.

The Québécois offer a wide variety of flavours and can also provide the perfect mood to any romantic date you are planning.

Some of these restaurants can pleasantly surprise you if you let them.Going with an adventurer mindset is an absolute must. Have you ever tried French-Canadian cuisine?

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