About Us

We are a group of French-Canadians in love with our cultural heritage and passionate about preserving it and sharing it with others. We are electrologists, chefs and housewives, all with the French-Canadian heritage in common.

Although we are not all professionals in this area, we do share the amazing bond created by having had these traditions taught in our families.

How the Page Was Born

How the Page Was Born - About Us

After finding a few excellent but little-known traditional French-Canadian eateries, we decided it was important to give them more exposure. The best tool always for helping this intent, is the Internet and all the options it offers.

We wanted to do something serious where our readers could trust the content that they would find to be reliable and accurate.

Our Constant Goals

Our Constant Goals - About Us

Our goals have been and always are to preserve the culture and French-Canadian heritage through its cuisine and the places dedicated to it. We keep a close eye out for any new eateries being set up, that have traditional French-Canadian menus and seek to be a platform to let their efforts known. A constant goal we will never give up on.

We are also focused on expanding our reader-base and our company traits have been very helpful to achieve this. Readers are assured our content is 100% accurate and up to date since we are very responsible when it comes to choosing which eateries to talk about and expose in Le Bourlingeur. Additionally, we are open to direct contact and offer our advice.