Donors - Donors

Keeping a website like Le Bourlingeur running with top quality content requires some investments. We have been lucky enough to find several people who have invested in us, becoming donors to our website in various ways.

We want to share who some of these donors are and how their donations have helped us with this website.

Jerome Tremblay – Restaurant Owner

Upon coming across our website and understanding the value our endeavour has for the growth of his business, Mr. Tremblay decided to approach us and donate by letting us try their menu items on the house.

His gesture allowed us to get to know a new excellent eatery and the traditional dishes they serve there.

Brandon Gauthier – Marketing Manager

This marketing professional holds his French-Canadian heritage very dear and when he saw our webpage had some issues, he contacted us to donate. He provided us with the money we needed to setup the website on a better server that was more stable.

By believing and supporting our cause, Brandon Gauthier has become good friends with the whole team.

Charles Côté – Quebecois Historian

As a Quebecois historian, Mr. Côté has seen it fit to keep in touch with us and make a few donations for us to be able to afford meals for the team at top traditional French-Canadian eateries all over the country.

Many trips and dinners have been funded by him, resulting in updated and improved content for Le Bourlingeur.